Andrew Sullivan Concert

March 31, 2017 @ 7:00 pm – 11:00 pm
Whispering Pines
$15-$20 (suggested donation)


Following his third year of college at TCU in Fort Worth, TX, Andrew had an internship at ESPN Radio in Dallas. After working all summer on Galloway & Company, one of DFW’s most-listened to sports shows, Andrew was offered an entry position as a reporter and producer at the station. Despite the thrill of being offered a job that many would dream of having, something wasn’t right.

That something, it turns out, was that Andrew wasn’t doing what he truly loved to do.

“I remember getting the offer and at first being very excited. Working at ESPN was something that I had dreamed of since I first set foot on campus, and was something that I had worked hard for,” recalls Andrew. “The problem was that by the end of the internship, I was already burned out with that career path.”

Despite gaining access to numerous sporting events, and have firsthand access to some of the area’s biggest names in the business, the grind of the daily news cycle quickly wore on him.

“I didn’t like that I spent all of my time at the stadiums trying to befriend athletes, and then later spent my time at the studio trying to point out the flaws in their abilities or personalities. I’ve always been the type of person to try and encourage others and build them up, so I suppose that from the beginning, there was a bit of a mismatch there.”

Fast forward to May of 2010, and Andrew was recently married.

During his four years at TCU, Andrew had first tried his hand at songwriting and performing, and almost immediately started to see some modest success. While studying to be a sportscaster during the day, he spent many hours plucking away at the guitar and computer, trying to find the words and a melody that worked perfectly with each other.

“I remember recording a couple very basic, and very bad albums in my dorm room with my friends. They were really quite bad, but you have to start somewhere, you know? And for whatever reason, people bought the albums anyway and encouraged me to keep on trying,” said Andrew.

It was in 2010 that Andrew and his wife decided that maybe there was something to this music thing. After saving up money for several months, Andrew found a local producer willing to take on the job of putting together his first album, a 7-song project entitled Lately. In the years following its release, Andrew played numerous concerts and slowly gained a following in the DFW area. During that same time, he was able to quit his day job and go into performing full-time.

“I remember being so nervous, in the month or two after I started, that the bills weren’t going to get paid, or that my wife and I would be eating nothing but rice and beans for weeks at a time. By the grace of God, that never happened, and still hasn’t to this day. For whatever reason, folks continue to buy my albums and come out and see my concerts. I’m extremely lucky to do what I do,” says Andrew.

In 2012, Andrew’s second album, Where We Belong, was released and continued the trend. The album found its was onto the airwaves of over 150 radio stations across the USA, seeing playtime in each state and Canadian province as well.

In 2014, Andrew sought well-known producer Jordan Critz to oversee the creation of his third album, Lost Again. With the support of over 150 backers on Kickstarter, Lost Again was funded and the recording process began. Finished in early 2015, the album has drawn rave reviews from fans new and old alike. Easily apparent in the recordings are the influences of country legend George Strait, singer Michael Buble and pop songwriters like Dave Barnes and Matt Wertz.

The year after the release saw Andrew tour from coast to coast, playing predominantly in the living rooms and back yards of his fans. The house concert scene has become a major part of his performance schedule, where the intimate nature of the show quickly demonstrates his talents and easy-going personality.

If the past is any indication, 2017 and beyond hold good things in store for the 29-year-old performer, who has logged more than 3,000 hours in all on stage.

Have a listen to Andrew.

Evening Details

We’ll offer a simple, casual dinner menu from 6 – 7 PM and music will start at 7 PM.  Advanced reservations are required.

Come for dinner and music or just the music.

We’ll serve a casual meal from 6 – 6:30 before the concert starts.
Two options for a wrap:

  1. Creamy hummus, spinach, red pepper & feta cheese
  2. Turkey, cranberry sauce, cream cheese & sprouts

Includes a side of crudités and a chocolate chip cookie.

RSVP and order ahead by Thursday at 3 PM.
Choose your wrap and whether you want flour, whole wheat or gluten-free ($10.00)

We’ll be INSIDE!

A $15 – $20 per person suggested donation to the artists.